Professional Learning Facilitator

Professional learning is something that I am constantly either attending or facilitating in my role as a STEM Facilitator. Therefore it is important that I remember this standard when planning professional learning experiences for the educators that I work with. How can I use my own professional learning experiences to help me effectively plan professional learning for others. What resources are particularly helpful when planning professional learning and how can I make the experience one in which educators take an active role in their learning. It is also important to think about my role as a facilitator when providing professional learning. What stance do I need to take in order to align with the learning goals I have set. Last but not least how am I evaluating the impact of the professional learning? In what ways am I allowing participants to also evaluate their own learning as well as my facilitation of learning. All of these things together, the planning, the role I take when providing learning, and how I allow for evaluation lead to high impact professional learning.

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