Learning Designer

When it comes to being a learning designer it all starts with thinking about the end goal and how to meet the needs of the students. Therefore it is important to intentionally plan for how students are going to engage in the learning. What does the classroom experience look like and how are educators providing opportunities for students to take ownership or agency of their learning. As a coach it is important to support educators by asking questions and modeling this way of planning for educators. So when supporting other educators it is important that I also use approaches that promote active learning, allow for student agency, personalization, and account for learner variability. This can be done through the professional development that I provide, through one on one conversations with educators, and even through co-teaching opportunities in the classroom.

ISTE Standards for Coaches, 2019. Image created using canva.com

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ISTE Standards for Coaches (2019). Retrieved from: https://www.iste.org/standards/for-coaches