ISTE Coaching Standards bPortfolio

For the last year and a half I have been completing my Masters in Digital Education Leadership at Seattle Pacific University. During this time I have been using my website to blog about my learning. This is where I have been able to synthesize my learning, reflection, and apply what I learned to new thinking and understandings. I have also used this time to seek out ideas from my cohort members and others in order to increase my knowledge and skills as a coach, educator, and facilitator.

This bPortfolio services as a culmination of all of my learning throughout the program. The focus of which is on the ISTE Standards for Coaches.

You can click on the standards in the graphic below to read more about my learning on each standard or you can use the dropdown menu above.

ISTE Standards for Coaches, 2019. Image created using


ISTE Standards for Coaches (2019). Retrieved from: