Digital Readiness: One Districts Path for Preparing Students for a Digital World

For my Values, Ethics and Foundations course this term I had the opportunity to interview the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in my district about our districts digital readiness. The interview questions were based off of Ribble’s nine elements of digital citizenship. The interview was very informative and reminded me that as a district we are continually refining and adjusting our support based on student needs. As a district we are already do so much to prepare our students for a digital world that is constantly changing. Through my position as a digital learning coach I am able to support teachers and students with digital education connected to enhancing learning for students by making the learning relevant and allowing for more student voice. I appreciated how honest my CTO was with me. From the interview it is clear that while we are doing a lot to prepare students there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Integration was a key component of this interview and a word that kept coming up. It is so important to model for teachers what we want them to be doing in their classrooms and that includes integrating digital education. As my interviewee said during the interview,

“The more we practice that muscle of how we plan that way in pd teachers will be able to think about it with some foresight and put the plan in action in classrooms.”

Another piece that stood out from the interview was just how much digital education is not so much about the digital tool but more about the behaviors and values that we want students to exhibit. It’s about helping students express themselves in clear and consistent ways. No matter the platform (offline or online) it is still just about the behavior. Which is why my district does not have a digital code of conduct we just have a code of conduct, because “it’s just bullying. It’s still just about the behavior, the platform doesn’t matter.”

After my interview I am left still thinking about how I can continue to push on teachers and students to constantly think about how their behaviors and values align with their technology use. In the end we don’t know what new digital resources will be out there and how it will impact the world so I can only focus on how I support in the here and now. 

Below is a short two minute video that summarizes the interview. Enjoy!

Digital Readiness Project Summary Video


Ribble, M., & Miller, T. N. (2013). Educational leadership in an online world: Connecting students to technology responsibly, safely, and ethically. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, 17(1), 137-145.

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