Digital Citizen Advocate

What is a digital citizen advocate, well that is someone who supports and encourages others in their interactions and use of technology. As a coach it is all about supporting educators and students in how they use technology, making sure that they are protecting themselves and using the technology responsibly. This is so important as much of our lives now a day are online. So as a coach it is important to focus on how we are supporting educators in preparing themselves to be a digital citizen advocate as well as how are we preparing our students. It is too much to just expect that educators and students know what it means to be responsible online and to build healthy relationships and interactions online. As a coach I must model this for others so that they can not only hear but can also see it in my actions. Therefore how am I supporting educators in creating learning environments that encourage creativity while still be mindful of how we interact and present ourselves online. How am I as a coach modeling this and helping educators model this for their students.

ISTE Standards for Coaches, 2019. Image created using

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