Connected Learner

The ISTE Coaching Standard: Connect Learner is all about how coaches continue their own learning and support the professional learning of others. Through this standard I have come to learn that it is important for coaches to continue their own professional learning journey in order to encourage educators to do the same. As a coach, I have been able to use my learning journey as a way to help others explore ways of incorporating the ISTE standards for students and educators into their own teaching and learning. Through this journey, I am able to share successes that I have with educators, ideas that I learn, and even challenges that I might encounter. This leads to open and honest conversations around the standards and allows for us as a team to learn together. It is also important to acknowledge that this is a journey and therefore the learning is continuous and not something that I am finished with. As coaches and educators, we need to be continually refining and improving our craft so that we can have positive and lasting impacts on our students.

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