Change Agent

Change agent is one of those standards that when I first looked at it I said YES! This standard is all about working with others to inspire and create equitable change within education. Through this standard it is the coaches role to inspire and support both educators and leaders in order to look at the structures that are in place, the resources that we use, and how all these things come together. I appreciate how this standard focuses on creating shared goals and vision within a classroom and school community. This shared vision leads to more trusting relationships that have longer lasting results as educators are more likely to try something new if they trust you. This also leads to stronger collaboration and a working relationship where everyone is building off of each others strengths. This is why the standard of Change Agent is so important. With out these collaborations, shared goals and trusting relationships change won’t occur. Through all this others are more inspired to try things even if they might fail and it helps to build a growth mindset in others.

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