3 thoughts on “Can Digital Resources Make Active Learning and Meaningful Feedback Better?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on active learning and meaningful feedback for teachers. I just discovered Floop. I think this could be another great way to leverage technology to provide quick and impactful feedback to teachers. It connects with your comment about the timing of feedback and how it needs to be connected to the learning. Floop does both! Coaches could give teachers quick feedback on lessons or units. And it has a peer-review feature so that teachers could give each other feedback in a PLC. https://www.floopedu.com//

  2. Megan, I appreciate the connection that you made between active learning and meaningful feedback. I often view these as completely different, however, they actually are a continuing loop! Having the focus on ISTE standards, it is only natural that we would incorporate digital tools to bring active learning and meaningful feedback to life, and you did a great job explaining that point. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Megan, thank you for introducing me to KAMI, it is a great tool for a digital classroom.
    I really like the ability to provide and receive quick immediate feed voice or text feedback within a working document. I appreciate your visual which shows the connection between active learning and feedback. I suppose when feedback is active it is also actionable; there is a sense of immediacy which means that students in a classroom, or teachers in a PD session, do not have to wait to undo misconceptions or wait before they can move forward with an idea.

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