7d. Protect Personal Data & Online Footprint

Empower educators, leaders and students to make informed decisions to protect their personal data and curate the digital profile they intend to reflect.

ISTE Standards for coaches 2019

With so much of our daily lives happening online this indicator is extremely important to consider and follow. As a coach I have spent time with educators, leaders and students talking about how to keep our personal information safe online and how to make sure that the version we present online is a true reflection of who we are. One way that I have done this is through lesson planning with educators and then working specifically with their students on elements of the lesson. One project that I was able to work on was a digital portfolio for students. Since this was a portfolio that was going to be online I knew that the teacher and I needed to intentionally plan for how we were going to keep student info safe and how to address this with students. Part of this planning meant thinking about who the portfolios would be shared with, how to share them, and how much info the students should share in their portfolio. It was important to me that the teacher and I talked with students about keeping their data private and we had conversations about only using their first names and not including personal information that would identify things like their birth date, where they live, etc. It is also important to model this for students so for this particular lesson the teacher and I built our own websites to share with students so they could see what we meant. It is also important to think about how we present ourselves online. So in this lesson you can see we intentionally built in mini lessons for talking about what a digital footprint in.

Screenshot of lesson plan that intentionally builds in mini lessons about digital footprint.

You can read more about this specific project and lesson in my blog post, Online Student Portfolios – A Community Engagement Project. Along with working with educators to intentionally build in opportunities for students to practice protecting their data and creating positive digital footprints I have been a part of working with a committee of teachers to implement digital citizenship lessons into classrooms.

Next Steps

As I said at the beginning this is such an important indicator as much of our lives happen online. So it is important that I as coach do as much as possible to support and provide resources for educators, leaders and students that highlight the importance of protecting our online data and creating a version of ourselves online that truly reflects who we are. I am committed to continuing to push educators to intentionally build in these opportunities and to model this for others in my work.


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