7a. Technology for Civic Engagement

Inspire and encourage educators and students to use technology for civic engagement and to address challenges to improve their communities.

ISTE Standards for coaches 2019

This is such a large and important topic. One of the things that encourages me and stands out about this indicator is the part about improving our communities which can be as big or as small as we want to make it. In learning more about this topic I took a deeper look at what global collaboration is and how to bring it into the classroom. Through my blog post, The Impact of Global Collaboration I addressed how providing opportunities for students to collaborate outside their normal circles helps build empathy and understanding for others. This also lead me to think about additional ways of bringing this to the classroom. As a coach I am having conversations with educators about how they can connect their curriculum to students lived experiences and build in opportunities for students to create projects that help solve real world problems. Specifically I am currently working with a science PLC to incorporate project based learning into their curriculum and create projects that connect to the real world. This also allows me the opportunity to bring in technology in a way that helps support the learning. I have been encouraging educators to think about what technology resources are out there that might support student learning. Recently the group of science teachers that I have been working with got excited about Minecraft for Education and how that can be used to have students build models of their projects.

Example project based learning opportunity that allows students to create a solution to a real-world problem.

Next Steps

To continue my work around this indicators I am focused on building in support and opportunities for bring more project based learning opportunities to the classroom. I believe that this is a great way for teachers and students to build in opportunities for real world projects that can have an impact on their community. I am also committed to looking for additional ways to bring in technology that supports collaboration and creativity in problem solving.


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