5b. Facilitate Active Learning

Build the capacity of educators, leaders and instructional teams to put the ISTE Standards into practice by facilitating active learning and providing meaningful feedback.

ISTE Standards for coaches 2019

During my time in the Digital Education Leadership master’s program at Seattle Pacific University I have been able to participate in and see evidence of this indicator in action. All of the courses that I took were filled with opportunities for me to actively learn and course instructors provided feedback that helped guide my learning. So when thinking about how I have shown evidence in this indicator I started by reflecting back on this journey.

One specific example of evidence that comes to mind is my blog post, Can Digital Resources Make Active Learning and Meaningful Feedback Better? In this blog post I was specifically looking at digital resources that can support active learning and feedback. Somethings that I came to understand though are that active learning can take many different forms but the important part is that whatever the participant is doing it has to have meaning and should cause the person to think critically and reflect on their own learning. This is also why meaningful feedback is connected to this indicator because often it is the feedback that helps support the reflection. I have also come to realize that active learning and feedback don’t just have to happen during professional learning, this can really occur anywhere. I especially love the connection to the Danielson framework for teaching here, meaning how am I helping educators in making sure that students are discussing, questioning, and engaging in their learning as is called out in Danielson 3b and 3c. Some ways that I have thought about this happening is through the use of video, having students use resources such as Screencastify and Kami to record their thinking, share it with others, and provide feedback to their peers and themselves.

In thinking about how else I have grown in this indicator I began thinking about the planning for summer professional learning that I am a part of in my district. This year we are focusing our summer learning around a few key themes based on our district goals. We are currently planning around how to facilitate summer learning that can be both in-person and have options for remote learners as well. So I have been pulling from resources that I collected at various conferences that build in the ideas of voice and choice for participants. We are looking to provide a menu of options that participants can choose from that are all connected to the district goals. This choice allows participants to decide on learning that is relevant and has meaning to them. Since one of our goals is around project based learning (PBL) we are hoping to be ale to provide a session for educators to dive deeper into what PBL is and begin to design a PBL lesson for the classroom. Then at the end of the summer learning there would be time for participants to reflect on their session and get feedback on any products that were produced during their learning.

Next Steps

One of the things that I am still thinking about however and trying to figure out how to put into practice is the idea of using video with educators. I am really curious to find ways to record classroom instruction that can then be used during professional learning for others to learn from and reflect on. I have also been thinking about how to incorporate more lab days with in my district. These would be days for a group of teachers across the district to come together, intentionally plan a lesson together, observe one of them teaching the lesson, and then come back together to provide feedback and reflect on the lesson together. I can even envision potentially using video for the observation part of the lab day and then maybe even watching the video together before reflecting. I think some of the most powerful learning comes from observing others and reflecting together. I have communicated this idea of lab days with my supervisor but I am going to continue to push on this for next year in order to support some of our work around PBL and student voice and choice.


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