2b. Professional Learning Networks (PLNs)

Actively participate in professional learning networks to enhance coaching practices and keep current with emerging technology and innovations in pedagogy and the learning sciences.

ISTE Standards for coaches 2019

Throughout my time in the Digital Education Leadership master’s program at Seattle Pacific University, I have been fortunate enough to be able to continue to grow my PLN and continue to learn and grow from others. An example of how I have been able to do this is through the use of Twitter. In every course that I have taken as part of the program, we have been encouraged to tweet about and share our fellow cohort members blog posts as well as our own. This has given me the ability to not only connect with my cohort members but also with others through social media that I may not have ever met in person. Thus allowing the opportunity to build my PLN and learn from others.

Image of one of my tweets about a fellow cohort member.

I have also continued to grow and enhance my learning by attending various professional learning opportunities. One conference that has continued to impact me every year is the NCCE Conference. I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend this conference for the last few years and every year I walk away with so much new knowledge, ideas and friends. This conference has connected me with people not only from Washington state but from all over the world. Through these new connections I have been able to reach out to them for ideas and support when I get stuck and just need some fresh ideas. This has been extremely helpful this year as one of the people that I have connected with in the past at NCCE has shared some great resources on twitter for supporting students during remote instruction. He also co-presented at NCCE this year in a session called ReImagine WA Ed Tech Tool Bonanza. This was a great presentation that got me excited about some new tools like mote that can be used for providing students with feedback. This gave me tools that I could take back and share with others in order to enhance learning and teaching.

Another professional learning opportunity that stands out to me was when I attended the Puget Sound Edcamp. This was my first time attending an Edcamp and I left with some great ideas and resources. One of the sessions I attended was on STEM and it was so helpful to be able to collaborate with others from around the region. We talked about what their district is doing to integrate STEM and resources that are helpful. This gave me some ideas around using ozobots and even other resources like Code.org within my district to help support the integration of STEM. I appreciated hearing how other districts are doing things and knowing that I can reach out to these other people for questions. You can read more about my Edcamp experience in my blog post, Edcamp Puget Sound Conference or Should I Say Unconference.

I have also been able to be a part of a group called Puget Sound Tech TOSA’s. We meet monthly as a group and discuss current topics that are coming up in our districts. This has been a tremendous help as it gives me a sounding board for problem solving and brainstorming ideas. We have talked about all kinds of different topics from learning management systems to teaching practices using video and everything in-between. It is great just to be able to reach out to everyone in the group when something comes up that I need help solving, like when I reached out to the group for help in solving a problem I was having in Canvas. The running notes from our meetings are something that I go back to and reference, especially if I am not able to attend one of the meetings.

Screenshot of topics and notes from one of our PS Tech TOSA meetings

Next Steps

Keeping current with emerging technology, pedagogy and learning can be so overwhelming sometimes. To help support my work in this I plan on continuing to seek out and attend conferences like NCCE and ISTE. I also am committed to continuing to attend the PS Tech TOSA meetings in order to continue to grow my PLN and collaborate with others. I would also like to continue to find ways to engage with others on social media. I have yet to attend and participate in a live Twitter chat, so that is definitely something that I would like to do in the future.


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