1e. Connect People Together

Connect leaders, educators, instructional support, technical support, domain experts and solution providers to maximize the potential of technology for learning.

ISTE Standards for coaches 2019

This is one of the indicators where I feel like I still have some work to do. As a facilitator I am often the first person educators reach out to when they have a question. So in some ways my job fits perfectly in with this indicator. I often find part of my day is spent reaching out to leadership about a question that another educator asked me, or I’m messaging our technology department to help problem solve something for a teacher, or I might even be on the phone with a representative from one of our digital resources in order to help another teacher out. However while I spend a portion of my time fielding questions and finding the right person to direct them to, I know it could probably be more seamless.

I would love to find additional ways to connect people together in order to maximize learning for students. I know that in my district there are so many different ways that folks are told to do something that it can often get confusing and frustrating trying to figure out who to reach out to for support. I would like to see us develop something that could be used with teachers so that depending on what sort of advice or help they are looking for they know who to reach out to. One thing that comes to mind is a graphic that myself and a couple other facilitators developed. This graphic has been used and shared with teachers so that depending on the advice or question they have they can determine who the best person might be to reach out to for support.

Image created using Piktochart

The thing that happens with the above graphic is it is constantly changing which makes it hard to use and share. It also doesn’t always work with what the advice needed is and so many times things overlap. This also makes me wonder if there is something more like a website or living document that could be used with teachers to support this.

Next Steps

To continue my work on this indicator I plan to continue to refine my own process for connecting individuals. I am also planning to talk with other facilitators to develop a plan for supporting educators in being able to reach out to the right person for support. I would like to see how we can make the process easier for everyone so that we truly can “maximize the potential of technology for learning” (ISTE Standards for Coaches, 2019).


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