1d. High-Impact Teaching and Learning

1d. Recognize educators across the organization who use technology effectively to enable high-impact teaching and learning.

ISTE Standards for coaches 2019

One of the things that I have been able to be a part of in my district during this program and in my role as a STEM Facilitator is the TIS program. TIS stands for Technology Integration Specialists and this was a program that was developed in my district to do exactly what this indicator says, recognize educators who are using technology effectively and share what they are doing with others. In my role I have taken on part of the planning of the monthly meetings that we have with the TIS from across our district. This has allowed me to see and hear what others are doing across the district and find ways for them to share what they are doing with others. I also work specifically with some of the TIS in a few buildings that I specifically support. We have monthly meetings where we talk about what they are doing in their classrooms and their plans for sharing with the teachers in their buildings. We have also met with the building leadership in order for the TIS to share their plans so that we can make sure they align with building goals. Here is a link to what the TIS use to develop their school leadership plan and then they share this with building leadership. I have also worked with TIS to develop building specific learning experiences where they have been able to share how they use technology in the classroom for student learning.

This is a graphic that we use with TIS. It showcases how TIS tend to fall into the Innovators or Early adopters and that these meetings allow them to connect with others.

Next Steps

I know that the TIS program is not the only way to recognize educators that are doing amazing things with technology to impact learning. I have recently been talking with my supervisor about some ideas for professional learning for next year. One of the ideas that I would like to see developed is getting educators into each other’s classrooms on a regular basis. This would allow us to recognize those that are having a high-impact on teaching and learning and would allow others to learn from them. My thought would be that there would be some common learning together before going into the teachers classroom to observe and then afterward there would be a group debrief. So along with continuing to support the TIS program I am also looking for other ways to continue to recognize educators across my district.


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